Leah’s Blackberry and Lemon Crème Brulee

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Baking Time





Blackberry Puree
12 oz fresh blackberries
4 oz water
2 oz sugar
2 lemons, juiced
Blackberry and Lemon Crème Brulee
3 egg yolks
1.25 oz. granulated sugar
1 ½ C cream
½ C blackberry puree (see recipe above)
½ Tbsp Silver Cloud Estates Blackberry extract
Pinch salt
1 Tbsp Silver Cloud Estates Vanilla Bean Paste
Vanilla Sable cookie
½ C butter
½ C sugar
1 egg
1 Tbsp Silver Cloud Estates Vanilla Extract
1.9 oz all purpose flour
½ tsp baking powder
1/8 C heavy cream
½ tsp salt
½ lemon, zested
Mascarpone and Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream
2 oz Mascarpone Cheese
4 oz heavy cream
1 Tbsp Silver Cloud Estates Vanilla Bean Paste
Blackberry Lemon Sauce
½ C Blackberry puree (see recipe above)
¼ C sugar
1/8 C lemon juice
Lemon Zest
Egg white, whipped until frothy
Granulated Sugar


Blackberry Puree
Pick out several of the nicest berries to reserve for garnish. Cook all ingredients on medium heat in a non-reactive sauce pan until fruit starts to cook down. Pour into food processer and blend until smooth, strain all seeds and return to heat to reduce by half. Let cool and store in fridge.

Blackberry and Lemon Crème Brulee
Combine cream, half of sugar and vanilla bean paste in medium size pot, combine remaining sugar and yolks in a large mixing bowl. Bring crème mixture to a scald and pour over yolk mixture, whisking the entire time. Add salt, blackberry extract and puree. Pour into round silicone mini muffin molds and bake in water bath at 300 degrees for approximately 15 min. After fully baked put into freezer for 4-6 hours.

Vanilla Sable cookie
Cream together softened butter and sugar, add in egg and flavor, mix to combine. Add dry ingredients and mix on a low speed till combined scrape sides of bowl and add in heavy cream and lemon zest. Chill dough for 1 hour before rolling to 1/8” thick and cutting into desired shape. Bake at 250 Degrees until the cookie is firm enough to be lifted off the sheet pan but not very dark in color.

Mascarpone and Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream
In mixer cream mascarpone cheese until smooth. Slowly add in heavy cream to avoid lumps. Whip to soft peak before adding Vanilla Bean Paste. Continue to whip until you reach a stiff peak. Place in piping bag with a small star tip.

Blackberry Lemon Sauce
Warm Blackberry Puree and strain through coffee filter. Return to heat and add remaining ingredients and simmer until a small dot of the sauce holds its shape when dropped onto a plate.

Sugar several lemon zest pieces -dip into egg white, shake off the excess and roll in granulated sugar. Place onto parchment to dry.. Unmold the crème brulee and sprinkle the top with granulated sugar. Use a crème brulee torch to caramelize the sugar. Place cookie in the center of the plate and top with crème brulee. Pipe a rosette of whipped cream, garnish with a lemon zest strip and blackberry. Place dots of blackberry lemon sauce on plate to complete the dessert.

Leah Tackitt is one of our employees who recently completed the Pastry and Baking program at the Le Cordon Blue College of Culinary Arts in Austin (formerly known as the Texas Culinary Academy). She has been practicing her skills and is planning to enter the Silver Cloud Estates Baking Contest. This is a beautiful and elegant plated dessert that she developed for the competition. There are a variety of textures in the components and the flavors compliment each other and are enhanced with the addition of the Silver Cloud Estates flavorings.

Prepare each of the individual components and have them ready before beginning to plate the dessert. This recipe makes enough for 24 desserts.